Best WhatsApp Love Status and Messages Images in English

Best Whatsapp Love Status
Best Whatsapp Love Status

Hey, searching for the best Whatsapp Love Status with images in English. We will provide you latest true love status in English for your girlfriend and boyfriend. You can set them as your Whatsapp Status or at the Facebook story.

Your love partner will be happy after seeing your love messages on Whatsapp status and he or she will praise you from the bottom of their heart. Below we will provide you best and real love status in the English language which will steal the heart of your partner.

Cute Whatsapp Love Status In English

Here is the cute love status for your partner. You can use them as your Whatsapp status for your girlfriend and boyfriend. Feel free to copy them and impress your partner.

Something happened to me once. That was the best thing about my life. A dream and imagination turn true. That was the day I met you!

I was told that kisses make people happy … Do you want me to make you the happiest in the world?

I asked in Heaven if an angel was missing because an angel like you cannot be born on Earth!

The kiss is the language of the World! Do you want to talk?

If you know who I am, you will receive from me 5748354654818721564348 … kisses

When the door of happiness closes, another opens. But as we look at the closed door, we will not see the open one!

Love Status Images For Whatsapp
Love Status Images For Whatsapp

Romantic Love Status In English One Line

Here are the one line romantic love status in English and shower you immense love on your partner with the help of these short line love messages.

Are you lonely? How, as you are constantly in my thoughts?

If you’re mad at me for something, you can give me back all the kisses!

I don’t think often. I don’t think much. Initially, I started to think, I always think about you!

Women like a man because he is strong, but they love him because of his weakness

I want to hear your voice, I look forward to your touch, I dream of you!

Love me. Love my heart. And pour your soul into my sea!

Be a beginning for me and let us become a tender whole with you!

Beautiful Love Messages In English

Here are another Best Love WhatsApp Status and Messages for your soulmate. Use them as your WhatsApp status and make their day beautiful. These beautiful love status will make your love bond stronger than before.

I need your love and with you, I want to destroy the peace of the night!

When I and you are alone, speak to me with two eyes, speak and tell me – You are the coveted love for me!

I stay with you forever, forever even in cold and frost!

My soul is a living wound if you are not with me!

I know we both are miles away and not able to kiss and feel each other. In spite of being so far, we can still feel the love in each other’s hearts.

I’m leaving … your shrug! You are sure that I will return! In vain !!! You took everything from me, even the strength to turn around!

Love me strongly and be faithful! Warm me in the cold nights and days! Take my whole heart and love me, love me!

Best Love Messages In English Images
Best Love Messages In English Images

Feeling Love Status For Whtsapp

Feel the love in the air and share these beautiful feeling love status with your partner or put them as your status on Whatsapp or story on Facebook.

Sometimes I wonder … how butterflies feel when they are in love

When night falls, look at the sky! If you see a shooting star, don’t wonder why, but make a wish right away! Believe me – it will come true because I wanted you and I found you!

I need a hug, a touch! I need a thrill and a kiss! I need love … I need you!

Last night I looked at the sky and combined each star with a reason why I love you! Unfortunately, the stars are over!

If every time you made me happy, I took one star from the sky, then the whole universe and all the stars would be in your hands!

They say that love is hidden around every corner … I think I’ve been spinning in a circle for a long time!

The best time to spend lovely moments with you is NOW and FOREEVER.

Heart Touching Love Status For Whatsapp Messenger

Below are some of the heart touching love status which will steal the heart of your partner and they will fly in the air of love. These love statuses are perfect for WhatsApp and Messenger.

If I got a penny for every moment I think of you, I would be a millionaire by now!

Love is like floating sand – the deeper you sink, the harder it is to get out!

Tears are words the heart can not utter!

Why did I like you so much the moment I saw you? Why did I smile happily, was I in the mood? I do not hide that I love you madly, I do not hide that I am in love with you, and I will never deny that I love only you!

You are constantly in my dreams, in my dreams and in my heart! I pray for nothing but love me!

I looked for you to meet you! I touched you to feel you! I asked you to have you! I gave my heart to give me yours! I loved you to discover that love is a terrible element!

You are stopping now, but I will come to your dream, I will caress you gently on the face, I will kiss you lightly on the nose and I will tell you in front of your face that you are in my heart!

Emotional Whatsap Love Status In English

We all get emotional in love and maybe sometimes our eyes speak our words. However, love is one of the best feelings, and below you will see emotional love status in English.

Somewhere there is someone who dreams of your smile and discovers the meaning of his life in your presence. So, when you are alone, remember this – someone is thinking about you somewhere!

I love you and I want you next to me, but alas, you are not in my day! I’m crying now, covered in tears and darkness! I was a toy in your hands, another was already in your heart! I will not forget the good days you gave me, even if they were nothing to you!

In vain you startle me in my sleep and you wake me up in the night, I look for you next to me holding out my hand, but alas … you are gone now!

Darling, come on, when you get up tomorrow, do me a favor? Watch out through the window and give a smile … Let the sun realize that finally there is something which is more beautiful than the sunrise.

Separation has never hurt, my eyes hurt, saying “goodbye”, my hands hurt waiting to return. This hurts a lot and kills millions of dreams!

I learned without looking, to see. Without listening, without hearing. I learned to laugh with tears. To search until I find. But I can’t live without you

I feel bad, but I’m not sick. I don’t have a fever. Medicines do not help. It’s much more serious – I miss you!

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In this post, we have provided the latest and Best Whatsapp Love Status in the English language for your soulmate. Moreover, you can see some love status images as well which will put more impact on your love messages.

Our motive to write this post to help you to keep alive your love and your bonding becomes stronger than before with your partner. Share these Best Love Status on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.

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